Boater Safety

Please Review the Following

We want you to have a great experience on the lake, and we believe a knowledgeable boater is a safe boater.  If you are renting one of our Tritoons or Jetskis it is very important you review the following three items:

  1. Take the free 20 minute Georgia DNR boat safety course prior to meeting us on the dock.  This ensures we get you on the lake as soon as possible. You can watch the video and take the quiz below.
  2. Familiarize yourself with our rental and cancellation policy.  No one likes surprises, so it is best you understand how we take care of your reservation, how we handle cancellations, inclement weather and damages.  Please click here to review the information.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the renter's agreement and release waiver.  When you arrive at our floating office at Aqualand, 30 minutes prior to your reservation, our management team will review these documents with you and then review the operation of your vessel.

Basic Rules

  1. Renter and/or Captain must be 25 years old with valid Driver's License.
  2. Captain is not under the influence of drugs or alchol
  3. No firearms, no fireworks, no grills, no fire of any kind
  4. No smoking
  5. No beaching, tying up or towing of other vessels.
  6. No pets
  7. Not to exceed the maximum number of passengers
  8. Renter is held responsible for the conduct of their guests
  9. Renter shall maintain a minimum of 100 ft distance away from all other watercraft, swimmers and docks and obstructions on the lake.
  10. Renter shall not take rental equipment off lake
  11. Renter is responsible for all damages regardless of cause.

Boat Rental Safety Course

Watch the video and then take the 20 question quiz below.  Must score a 90% or better to receive a 6 month Captain's License.  Take the test as many times as required to pass.  Once you pass, take a screen shot of your certificate or print it out.

Take quiz (may have to select the "Loading" hyperlink)