Honoring and Respecting Social Distancing

Loyal and Future Customers

In the US and in the world today, we’re experiencing rapidly changing conditions, and here at LBC we're hard at work to create a safe refuge for our guests.  The COVID-19 event is reinforcing some of the changes we made last year to improve overall cleanliness and reduce the volume of people on our dock at one time.


I thought it would be helpful to let you know what we’ve done to provide you with a safe retreat in the midst of the present uncertainty. We also want to ask for your assistance in these efforts. 

Our primary focus is on sanitizing the equipment, like boats, life vests, oars, etc. and office space we use to accommodate your rental or charter.   In addition to our daily cleaning regiment prior to opening and during returns, we have added protocol in line with recommendations from the CDC, federal, state and local authorities to ensure the equipment has been properly sanitized.

Our secondary focus is on reducing your exposure to other guests.  Late last year we implemented several new features to create a more personalized level of service, these enhancements have also reduced the volume of people on our dock.

1. Implemented individual appointments scheduled every 20 minutes to ensure that our Boat Safety Representative and you can have one on one time with you and your guests.

2. Process to allow you and your passengers to remain in your vehicle and notify us that you have arrived to ensure we are ready for you to come to our offices

3. Reduced check in time by making all of our rental documents available for signature online, allowing you to take your time and read over our contract and rules of engagement prior to your arrival.

The final area of focus is our request of you. Getting away from crowded cities, subways, airplanes and other forms of gathering is a good idea. Getting out to the fresh air and the open water of Lake Lanier is an even better one. But, if you believe that you may have been exposed to the corona-virus (or to any infectious pathogen), please help us to preserve Lanier Boat Charter for all our guests by deliberately avoiding the marina

Unless the situation requires changes to our business operations, Lanier Boat Charter will remain open 7 days a week during our normal business hours of 9AM to 9PM.  We will be available for rentals by appointment only until April 4th, where we will be on the dock full time.

At this time Lanier Boat Charter will issue a full  credit for all rentals and charter reservations cancelled more than 14 days before the event. The credit can be used through the end of 2020.

If you have any questions, or if there is any way we can assist you, please email us at: 

As you work towards maintaining your health, safety and well-being, we’ll be working hard to preserve Lanier Boat Charter as a refuge for you and all our guests. It’s an honor and a pleasure to serve you.

Cpt Tom Stepnowski